Professional of the Year - Healthcare/Quality Control and Compliance

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Anja-Leena Laitakari-Pyykko

Title: Executive Nurse, RN, RAC-C
Industry: Healthcare
Type of Organization: Skilled Nursing Community
Major Product/Service: Patient care
Expertise: Dr. Laitakari-Pyykko is responsible for quality control and compliance. She educates the staff and members of the interdisciplinary team regarding timely assessments and regulation compliance.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Berkeley, California
Affiliations: A.A.N.A.C.
University/Degree: R.N.; M.A., History, 1985; Ph.D., History, 2014; University of Helsinki, Finland
Hobbies/Sports: Swimming, biking, music, reading
Spouse: Dr. Rauna Pyykko
Work History: Previously, Dr. Laitakari-Pyykko served as a Night Shirt Supervisor, Assistant Director of Nursing, and Director of Nursing.