Professional of the Year - Entertainment/Music Production

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Tom Raley

Title: Founder and Owner
Industry: Entertainment
Type of Organization: Music Production Company
Major Product/Service: Providing music production and recording studio services
Expertise: Mr. Raley has 45 years experience. He is a singer, songwriter, musician, recording engineer, owner and operator. He writes and performs original songs. Mr. Raley produces music and publishes CD's. He plays lead and rhythm guitar, mandolin, bass, harmonica, keyboard and drums. Throughout his career, he has played in several bands and traveled the bluegrass circuit and the Blues circuit throughout the South. He has performed concerts, roadhouses, weddings and funerals. Currently, Mr. Raley operates a full service recording studio. He is a registered songwriter and works with up and coming artists in his studio.
Geographic Area of Distribution: National
University/Degree: Electrical Engineering, DeVry University
Born: Jefferson City, Tennessee
Hobbies/Sports: Music
Spouse: Kathy
Married: October 8, 1983
Children: Son, Shannon; Grandson, Ian
Work History: Mr. Raley has served as an electrical engineer, engineering manager, singer songwriter and recording engineer.