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Global Impact
By Bill G. Matheny

Brian Cardinal: Citizen Pain
By Fred Kroner
This book chronicles the rise of a small-town athlete (his high school had 420 students) to not only a top collegiate basketball player at Purdue, but also to someone who has played professionally in the NBA since 2000. He reveals the effort it took to reach an elite level as an athlete.

How Sweet It Is Without the Sugar: Delicious Desserts for Diabetics and Others (Paperback)
By Jean C. Wade
More and more Americans are being diagnosed with diabetes than ever before, and many others are realizing that they have a genetic predisposition (or lifestyle) that is likely to lead to diabetes, But what to do about the inevitable craving for dessert? We all have it, but diabetics have long been left without a satisfying, healthful way to enjoy a sweet treat after a meal. Jean C. Wade, a diabetic herself, has created a cookbook that is chock-full of welcome answers to the dilemma that plagues diabetics and dieters alike: how do you make delectable desserts without using sugar, honey, corn syrup, or molasses—all those highly caloric sweeteners that make blood sugar take off like a rocket? By carefully testing and experimenting with different sweeteners on the market, and often using fresh, ripe fruits and juices, Jean has come up with nearly 100 recipes that avoid the pitfalls to baking without sugar.

Runt, the Little Hero
By Lesley Stein
Being small and clumsy doesn’t mean that our hero isn’t smart. Runt, the smallest puppy proves to his family that he is the most brave and intelligent amongst his siblings. He leads them on exciting adventures to find their way from the Puppy Mill.

Grandfather Lee and the Bees
By Theresa Newport Singleton
For ages 3-9 Take a journey with Grandfather Lee as he searches, finds, and attempts to steal honey from the Louisiana state bug, the honeybee. Does Grandfather Lee get the honey, or do the honeybees get Grandfather Lee? After the adventure, dance with th

Zydeco Zoom
By Theresa Newport Singleton
ges 5-12... Come experience the musical style of Louisiana's own, two-stepping Zydeco. As Zerick makes his first appearance on stage, he is nervous to the bone. Read to find out how he calms himself and thrills his listeners with his accordion playing. Th

Pierre's Empty Pouch
By Theresa Newport Singleton
For ages 3-9... Pierre le Bon is an Eastern Brown Pelican growing up in sunny Louisiana. He is getting older, too old to be fed by his loving parents. On a beautiful morning, Pierre ventures out to catch his own meal of savory fish. Pierre is so excited;

Messages from Nature: Short Stories and Vignettes
By Patricia Daly-Lipe
Messages from Nature is a collection of short stories about animals, trials at sea, and the evolutionary journey of man and nature. It is a book for all ages. Based on my personal experiences, most of the stories were previously published in newspapers

Nature's Wisdom
By Patricia Daly-Lipe
How would it feel to be on a small sailboat far from land and be attacked by a micro-burst? What was it like to be at the helm of a 165 foot concrete schooner when water came rushing into the cabin?