Professional of the Year - Entertainment/Movie Production

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David M. Schwartz

Title: Entrepreneur, Marketer and President, Semi-Retired
Industry: Entertainment
Type of Organization: Production Company
Major Product/Service: Producing movies and related services
Expertise: With over 30 years experience, Mr. Schwartz specializes in producing adventure movies. He was integral in manufacturing the Lifestar Vehicle Jet version used in the James Bond movie "Octopussy."
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: Past President, Cerebral Palsy Foundation of Nevada; President, Wounded Women Warriors
University/Degree: Some College
Born: August 13, 1953
Hobbies/Sports: Martial arts
Spouse: Nancy
Children: Austin, Brandon, Sterling, Shari, Alexandra
Work History: Previously, Mr. Schwartz served as the president of Soul Cola. He owned DMS Rolls Royce Limousine Service and served as a record producer and president of Mandalay Record Company. Mr. Schwartz produced the movie "Las Vegas Blood Bath," which was the main movie made in Las Vegas, 1989. He was a partner in The Firm Law Office and served as the president of Festivals USA. He also owned a chain of movie theaters in Nevada and Texas. Mr. Schwartz served as a Kung Fu Master and owner of the Black Scorpion Society.
Honors & Awards: Athlete of the Year, B'nai Brith; USA Jewish Olympic Team
Published Works: Publisher, various entertainment magazines